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My Car and Yours

Welcome to My Automotive Home Page

This site will be extensively about my 1991 Ford Probe GT. I love my car and I will have lots of photos on my photos page shortly. I have a bunch of new pics of Matt Fauls 1990 Ford Probe GT.

My Cars

I only own the one car right now and I love it. I have put alot of money into my Probe, and I'll be putting even more into it later.

List of Mods Done to My Car

Rawpower built me a high performance motor for my car, I'm not completely satisfied with it though. New pistons total seal rings, honed cylinders, stage 3 head port and polish and the head will be rebuilt, the crank will be balanced and micropolished and there will be only mazda turbo gaskets throughout the engine. The stage 3 head gets new stem seals, guides, springs checked, magnafluxed, acid bathed, bead blasted, 5 angle valve job, true the surface, etc etc. More to come on that. I just got my RX-7 hybrid turbo from Matt, along with intercooler pipes, 440cc injectors (yet to be installed), and Turbo XS Type S BOV. I have my 17X7 Primax rims, that are identical to Enkei RF1's. I have a Pioneer DEH-8200 CD Player with the organic EL display, 2 12" JLw3s for my subs in a 4 cubic foot box in the hatch. I have a Phoenix Gold XS2500 Amp running the subs, and a Kicker ZR240 amp running 2 of my 4 6.5" Pioneer speakers. I have Ground Control coil-overs, with Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable front struts. I have NAPA Sensa-Trac's in the rear. I have a Topspeed front strut bar with a chrome plating, and Mario Kovach made me a rear strut bar that I painted gunmetal metallic. I have a Mark Hallman boost controller to give me 13-14psi of boost. Jahmarr Bowmann reprogrammed my computer so I'm not running so lean and got rid of the fuel cut for me. I have an Autometer Phantom boost gauge to monitor how much boost I'm producing. I have a home-aid cold air intake system with a K&N drop-in filter. I have 5% tint in the rear 3 windows to keep my car cool and to help with the looks. I've painted the calipers red to highlight them nicely, and I recently painted the center caps black to make them stand out from the car. More to come

Future Mods

Some time I'll get around and try to fix the dents and scratches and hopefully get the car repainted.

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